Xining public security department decided to no longer empty hanging account issued proof of residen

Even Japan, Xiao Yang has been in the provincial capital of employment for the second generation ID card hard. Since graduating from a provincial university in 2000, his account has been hanging on the school’s collective account. However, in accordance with the current provisions of Xining, Xiao Yang must be moved back to the origin of the account to apply for the second generation ID card, which makes Xiao Yang a headache. This year, female college students Xiao Wu also joined the ranks of the empty account ". She said that he had just arrived in the provincial capital of a private enterprise, but companies just receive files, do not account for the settlement, and they do not want to turn back to the rural household accounts, they had to put on the school.

it is understood that the reason most of the students empty accounts linked basic and same takeshi. In addition, in addition to empty accounts, many graduates will account and transfer the file out, but failed to find "home" place, is not willing to give the account back home, then, had to account file in his arms, into a "pocket account" group.

at present, the provincial capital has more than 20 thousand empty accounts linked, most of them are college graduates. College students, the school will account to the collective account, after graduation, a lot of people because of various reasons not to go to their accounts, empty account students only Qinghai University for Nationalities, there are four thousand or five thousand people, including in the 80s graduates of empty accounts linked. In order to clean up the "empty accounts linked", from June this year, provincial public security department decided not to "empty account" issued by the household registration certificate, at the same time, "empty account" for the second generation ID card also need to go through the collective account will move out of the account.

in accordance with the existing regulations, non Xining students after graduation, if you can not find a permanent job in Xining, and in line with the appropriate conditions or a certain area of housing in Xining, you can not settle in Xining. As a result, a lot of college graduates are difficult to fall in Xining, employment, loans, marriage and other issues have become a problem. So, these people will only empty the account to the school. However, with the number of empty accounts linked more and more, more and more time, schools and many graduates gradually lost contact, if the student’s account of the reversal of origin and fear of mistakes, so that the school where the police can only continue to account for the students.

empty hang account not only brings a lot of problems to the public security organs of household registration management, but also increased the difficulty of the management of the population and family planning department. The current population and family planning management is based on the household registration, account migration will inevitably bring about the transfer of management. A province of East District Family Planning Commission is responsible for that, empty account students scattered in various places, the search difficult, and this part of the people at reproductive age, the family planning management of their work become difficult. Especially for the female students, because the government is difficult to grasp on their marriage, also cannot provide them free family planning counseling and related services. Female college students after marriage is also very difficult to apply for a birth certificate, can not give the child on account, can not enjoy childbearing age women’s health and maternity insurance, etc.. (author: Yuan Zhen)


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