Province to carry out the employer to comply with labor and social insurance laws and regulations of

to earnestly implement the "labor law", "social insurance law" and other labor security laws and regulations, to build a harmonious labor relations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers. "According to the Ministry of human resources and social security on employer compliance notice" special inspection of labor and social security laws and regulations, the province from June 20th to August 3rd organized by the employing units of labor and social insurance laws and regulations, special inspection.

Provincial Department of human resources and social security and the regional human resources and Social Security Bureau set up a leading group to develop a special inspection program, a clear purpose, content, scope and focus. At the same time, depth factories, enterprises and institutions and construction sites, focusing on whether the employer and the employee to sign a labor contract, whether in accordance with the provisions of payment of wages, whether the implementation of the minimum wage and overtime pay in accordance with the law and to participate in social insurance and carried out an inspection, edge inspection side urge employers rectification, effectively regulate the use of labor management unit.

During the

, a total of 243 people in the province to participate in law enforcement inspection, the inspection of all types of employing units of 1 thousand and 700, involving the number of workers, 75 thousand. Found no cases of labor contract signed in accordance with the law of 227, the number of 10 thousand and 630 people involved; violation of regulations on minimum wages and wage arrears cases 76, involving 2 million 430 thousand yuan; not to participate in social insurance cases 127, fails to pay social insurance premiums in 66 cases, involving 17 million 260 thousand yuan; other illegal acts shall be ordered to correct 6 cases; book 173; ordered to pay wages and compensation cases 58, involving 1 million 888 thousand and 100 yuan; supervise the social insurance registration of 142 households; to pay social insurance premiums in 54 households, involving an amount of 271 thousand and 400 yuan, the number of 20581 copies of printed promotional materials.


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