Driver’s license three test subjects can make an appointment in Xining City

January 28th, reporters from the city vehicle administration has learned that from today, DMV opened a special hotline, to meet the requirements of the three test subjects candidates to provide telephone appointment, two exam subjects still need time to driving school as a unit of collective appointment.

it is understood that last year, the city’s first application for a driver’s license to apply for a total of more than 35000 people, the test reached 100 thousand passengers. With more and more people to test a driver’s license, vehicle is the first to introduce convenience measures, two test subjects qualified, have reached the Ministry of public security requirements of the subjects three exam candidates, can be directly through the hotline appointment 8010111 subjects three exam time, change the past only in a single way for driving unit collective examination appointment time. The examinee can according to their own time, a week in advance by telephone appointment examination, taking into account the vehicle every day can only arrange 180 candidates to participate in the examination, in the case of an appointment the same day more, city vehicle administration staff will contact the appointment of candidates the next exam time.


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