Create civilized comity Street brand into the city into the comity Street

is named after the street there was a courteous civilization story, according to the old people say, in the period of the Republic of China, now the comity Street living two large houses, roads, in order to let the neighbors move more convenient, these two families will each house took a step backward, by people for his brother’s wife, and the road named comity street. In June 13th, the newspaper hit the city into the community activities in the comity Street opened, with the comity Street office to carry out "a street, a special agency construction activities, created by civilized civilization into the family, into the community and civilization of the street, let the street everywhere" civilized comity "to blossom.

let three communities create unique

– 71 West Community: striving for community service. The community was once a national demonstration point of civilization, in the city of this event, the community will carry out community lecture activities, highlighting the characteristics of residential services, rich leisure life of the masses.

– the Yangtze River Road community: striving for the caring community, will vigorously carry out the laid-off workers, the unemployed and helping poor families and help vulnerable people such as "content" care characteristics of community service.

– Jiefang Road community: creating a learning community, the establishment of community platform, combined with the streetscape renovation project, Jiefang Road will become a street demonstration city civilization construction.

let 20 meters civilization wall show style

office to the newspaper together, first set up a wall 20 meters long "culture wall", make the area residents enjoy a cultural feast; to carry out extensive "moral model", "five good civilized family" as the main content of the contest, arouse the unit and family to create enthusiasm. In the area to carry out learning institutions, learning community, learning type family to create activities and more reading, reading good books activities to improve the quality of the public.

let civilization bloom in detail

office secretary Jin Shenghua said: we must do the real thing, to do a good job, so that civilization is reflected in the drip." On the same day, I offer advice and suggestions for the development of comity summary of the conference, the office of a total of more than and 100 people to solicit suggestions and opinions, there are 11 people won the prize, the highest prize reached $500.

comity Street 71 West Road community is a national civilized demonstration point, in this city, we must not regress. The people in the community are pressing hard to become civilized pioneer." Citizen Song Bangkui told reporters.


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