700 sets of public rental Yaohao rental

city in 2014 the first batch of public rental pilot distribution work in full swing, in September 28th, the city will be open to the public with 700 sets of rental housing.

According to reports, in order to effectively protect the housing of the people’s livelihood project really implemented, the city in the protection of housing projects on the basis of the duration of the

, continue to strengthen the protection of housing allocation. According to the arrangement, this year plans to open the public Yaohao allocation of public rental housing more than 1000 sets, the real solution to the problem of family housing in our city.

to ensure that the allocation of more open, fair and impartial, based on the full research and comments on the housing and Real Estate Management Bureau formulated the "Xining city affordable housing waiting sort scoring rules (Trial)" (Draft), and in the process of application pilot scoring method to determine the election room in order to change the past, according to the degree of difficulty of manual sorting of housing lots, according to the applicant’s family housing, income, age, degree of difficulty and time factors for registration, in accordance with the queuing order scoring rules and computer Yaohao way to determine the distribution of housing, apply for further refinement. At the same time taking into account the convenience of living in the applicant, in accordance with the voluntary choice of the way to partition the partition number, so that the distribution process and results more humane.

is reported that the city’s public rental housing with 700 sets of public rental. At present, the four district government to apply the audit object and scoring work is nearing completion, the city housing security and Property Management Bureau is to review the scoring and wildly beating gongs and drums publicity, actively build housing projects, carding a summary score sorting test system pre preparatory work of Yao Hao, the distribution, and strive to make the distribution of the work to prepare full and fair distribution, transparent. At the same time, according to the previous scoring sort of situation, to the distribution as a starting point, will gradually launch a mature listing for social phased public rental.


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