Military enterprises force a total of 160 thousand rural residents

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military enterprises build let farmers happy.

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poverty alleviation whole village relocation, transformation of rural roads, hardening walls, walls, green whitewash village, renovation of dilapidated buildings, the construction of village cultural square…… Construction of military enterprises in 2012, with the strength of the entire society to help farmers to improve the living environment and improve their happiness index.

people evaluate Huimin index: 93%

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house a new road flat village beauty

2012, for the town of the total area of the town of Chen Village village, is the most memorable year in this life. Because, as one of the city’s "military enterprises build a model village", build activities, integrate all aspects of project funds, the implementation of the relocation of the village, the village of 110 households in all new homes, moved to the side of the road, over generations while difficult, difficult journey to the day.

Chen Jia Yao Cun village is located in the original shallow mountainous areas, road traffic difficulties, drinking water for pit water, serious soil erosion, landslides and other geological disasters occur frequently, the bad natural conditions, health education resources shortage, the village infrastructure is weak, the 110 households in the village of 420 people, the annual per capita income of less than 2000 yuan. In 2012, the city government enterprises build a model village in city area, the village village as the focus, the implementation of the relocation of the whole village poverty alleviation. In accordance with the "unified planning, unified layout, unified design, unified style, unified infrastructure, unified management and farmers self" principle, governments at all levels to integrate agriculture related projects, concentrate on off-site construction of village, up to now has been completed the construction tasks, the villagers are busy in your new house.

2012, 28 townships in Xining city "military enterprises build a model village campaign involving two districts and three counties (street) 111 villages, involving 38813 households, 159 thousand people. Build in 111 villages have been rebuilding walls of 256 thousand square meters; the wall over 1 million 612 thousand square meters; gate 7405 renovation; Green villages 84 Villages, the main roadway greening 145.3 km; the implementation of housing construction 7178 reward households; reconstruction of 2232 households to be relocated; poverty alleviation project 5 village, the whole village project in 6 villages the village road hardening of 71 villages; 218 km; drinking water project 40 villages; new village activities 42, 79 new village cultural square. Completion of the road along the village surrounding the enterprise wall renovation whitewash 58121 square meters.

co integration project of nearly 700 million yuan of funds, financial funds to co-ordinate arrangements for special funds amounted to 140 million yuan, with 383 military enterprises, the implementation of 40 million 952 thousand yuan of materials. People used to build houses, change the wall, the door and other aspects of self financing up to 470 million yuan. According to statistics, the city’s integration of various types of funds totaled 1 billion 370 million yuan, the village reached $12 million 328 thousand and 300.


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