1000 rural women in the north of the city of Xining accepted the two cancer free inspection

November 29th, twenty hospitals in town Chengbei District in Xining city before the heavy traffic, crowded, came from the village women are queuing to accept the "two cancer free inspection. So far, the rural women in rural areas two cancer census work opened the curtain.

day before, as to the party and the government’s public policies, Seongbuk start to care for women you I love hand with the truth "as the theme of rural women" two cancer screening program for free. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the district government established by the competent mayor as head of the leading group and the expert technical guidance group, the area of medical institutions District Health Bureau professional technical backbone set up inspection teams to undertake specific inspection tasks. "Two cancer screening work concentrated in the district hospital, twenty shop hospital, dabuzi Institute of health, there will be 1000 rural women who received cervical cancer and breast cancer screening. (author: Su Jianping Yan Qingqing)

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