Chinese new year to go grassroots deepening turn to go change 100 day contest elderly home


" (Tibetan, meaning uncle), how does it taste?" Lazogi holding a pot, a hand picked up a reeky buns to sit on the bed in that lane. The old man slowly took a bite, and he nodded at him, his face full of happiness.

to live in the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Republic gyala one agency Qia Bu Qia Zhen Cai Xiang in old people, can from time to eat their most love to eat dumplings, is a very satisfying, which, thanks to Lazogi.

"my wife died early, I lived alone for many years." Sitting on the bed, 81 year old Cai Xiang GA opened the chatterbox. It turned out that the old man’s son died at the age of 13, and with the death of his wife’s son, the family left his own. Early years, the body is still hale and hearty, in recent years, the physical condition is not as good as before." The old man said, bowed his head. The room was a bit dark, and he could not see his face.

when the old man is difficult to live alone in difficulties, the village of Lazogi put forward to want to take care of him, the old man’s life has changed.

"about seven or eight years, I can not remember. We all live in a village, he is still my uncle, although our conditions are not very good, but can not see his life alone. In fact, can not be taken care of, that is, cooking, laundry, these chores at home, there is nothing special." Lazogi, standing on the other side, turned on the light and the room lit up.

so, originally helpless before re GA Xiang has a home. Every morning, Lazogi always came to the old man to help him cook, cleaning, until the old man fell asleep at night, she came home.

I have high blood pressure, she listened to the doctor, usually very particular about eating. She made the best of the stuffed buns! Today is the 28th day of the twelfth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, this is the day after tomorrow she was busy, specially do today!" Looked at the hands of the steamed stuffed bun, GA Cai Xiang laughed.

and GA to Xiang, two live at this club is 71 years old this year, he is now childless living in the village. A week nap.

This is the story of

Dynasty started from five years ago. That year, the relatives have been responsible for the care of the elderly suddenly died, although it is Haruki’s five guarantees, can receive subsidies every month, but because no one to take care of the old man’s life is not very good. Hearing this, at the age of 23 weeks. Nap and home to discuss, the old man took over.

she has taken care of me for the past few years, just like my parents!" The old man said, laughing. Reporters saw the old man’s house, although not large, but tidy up. He had a black coat and blue trousers, and the white shirt was as clean as new.

listen to the reporter asked the usual life, shy shy. Week nap. She blushed and said, "just like my family, I feel so good.". Is nothing more than a pair of chopsticks when eating;

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