A letter from Xining women’s Federation in Xining

the city’s vast families:

family is the cell of society, is the basis of building a harmonious society. The construction of a harmonious family is an effective carrier to improve the national quality and promote the progress of social civilization, which can not be separated from the conscious practice of every family member. To this end, the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation issued a "harmonious family to create a harmonious Xining" initiative to the city’s 580 thousand families:

, a majority of family members to establish a firm ideals and beliefs, actively participating in the great practice of building the harmonious society, consciously take on social and family responsibilities, take the lead in promoting the social morality, occupation morality, family virtue.

two, the majority of family members should start from their own, hard work, positive, and comprehensively improve their own quality, based on their own work, dedication, and strive to pursue their own social values.

three, the family members should earnestly practice the socialist concept of honor, honor knowledge, fostering new, and strive to create a harmonious family, neighborhood harmony, national unity, a good habit for the country themselves, to conserve resources and protect the environment, to promote family harmony and harmonious community, towns and villages.

four, the majority of family members to actively join the "rich, beautiful village, folk music, and the" new rural construction, hard-working, rich technology, to family harmony and promote the harmonious development of urban and rural.

in the world of the country, in the home, home and everything. The majority of the city’s family members, let us take action and keep pace with times, post contributions, contribute to the building of a harmonious and safe Xining Xining!

Xining women’s Federation

March 8, 2007


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