Children’s clothing store can be achieved by four steps

children’s clothing sales momentum in recent years, the enthusiasm of investors set up shop, the number of children’s clothing stores in various parts of the country have been significantly improved. However, although many children’s clothing store opened, but the results are different, and some shops in front of the bustling, and some in front of the cold. For the door in front of the children’s clothing store, we are here to share the four step to achieve the children’s clothing store income approach, can refer to.

existing products

we know locations = the guests into the store number * * * off the price of the purchase rate of repeat purchase rate * referral rate

from this formula we can see if we add one of these indicators, then our store sales will rise.

1. increase the existing customer purchase rate, enhance the customer’s customer price

2. to attract customers to buy

Of course, there is also

display window is the priority among priorities.

3. shop design

4. upgrade service quality

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