The fast money venture what

the vast rural regions, economic development relative to the city a little behind, more important is the farmers due to land constraints, are generally very busy, in this situation, naturally for investors to make money fast to get rich opportunities. So, what are the entrepreneurial projects in rural areas? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce several projects.

what are the rapid rural entrepreneurial projects to make money – bowl of wine bottles

normal shops selling dishes is crunching, the country does not lack family or not to buy the busy period. One class of young people is another way, he drank beer every year in the peak season, with a tricycle dragging bowl ran Xiang Chuan Cun selling, and dishes for beer bottles and waste materials. He also asked some villagers to use a bowl, and then give yourself a beer bottle. Under normal circumstances, a bowl of a few or even 10 bottles of beer, profits up to several times the original.

to open a small grocery store is the best, what to sell, because in rural shops not much, what things have to be used to open a grocery store is very practical, but also very money.

rural rapid money making entrepreneurial projects which help people to fight pesticide

is now engaged in the rural areas of the third industry and a lot of labor to go out, but not to give up the home in the field, and then ask people to cultivate, manage, and more and more insects. In a laid-off workers, spotted this opportunity, specially bought several sets of motor-driven mist sprayer, also hired 3 understand the pest control technique of labor, occur annually in the period of crop diseases and insect pests of large farming and labor migrant households Zhichong Dayao, charge 5 to 8 yuan per mu, a year income is also considerable.

what are the quick money making venture projects in the countryside – the evening selling tofu

everyone knows that the benefits of anti season vegetables are higher than conventional ones because of the time difference. A village surnamed Chen’s tofu processing households in the time difference on the brain. Because the local people engage in tofu processing more, sometimes a tofu to sell for a whole day, so many people had to do less, especially in summer, tofu is easy to deteriorate, but did not dare to do. Lao Chen saw the majority of people on the night table lack of tofu, the afternoon evening let processing, the wife and son separate sales, so that the old Chen home every day not less to do tofu, but increased sales income will go up.

what are the quick money making venture projects in rural areas — sewing shop

now, many young people on the mend life is strange, some clothes for broken zipper, split mouth etc. some small problems to worry about. But now, the clothing market, the elderly, too fat or too thin clothing clothing, recommended

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