Fuxin City innovation and entrepreneurship competition will be the champion

2015 years, an endless stream of entrepreneurial competition in the context of the whole society has reaped good results, creating a positive entrepreneurial atmosphere. Many innovative entrepreneurial projects on the stage to show the new era style, access to investment opportunities. In the last few days of 2015, the Fuxin innovation and entrepreneurship contest final ended, set off a Regional Entrepreneurial climax.

12 25, 2015 Fuxin innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Finals held in Fushun Higher Training College. After fierce competition, with "a cake of Korean restaurant project" by Huang Linqi from the 10 finalists winning finalists, successfully won first prize, won 10 thousand yuan of funds to support entrepreneurship.

the contest sponsored by the Municipal Employment Work Leading Group, the Municipal Bureau of employment and personnel services. Competition is open to all registered in the Fuxin area of entrepreneurs, not limited to residence, to inspire the people to create a "spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, to encourage innovation, support business atmosphere, set off the climax of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole society, lay the foundation for the construction of innovation oriented city. For the entry, clear requirements for innovation and business value. A total of more than 40 projects through the selection of competition, involving ecological agriculture, e-commerce, cultural and creative industries.

contest started in November, preliminary semi-finals, accounted for 20% of the total score, the final score of 60%. The final field, according to the provisions of the 7 minutes, each player with video detailed entrepreneurial projects, and accept the judges inquiry. Competition and other 2 jin won the two prize, Zhang Guixian and other people won the prize for the three, respectively, to get a $5000 and $3000 to support the venture capital.

is able to venture entrepreneurship competition to attract investment opportunities, but also can not focus on competition. Products and services can meet the needs of consumers, with sufficient market potential, entrepreneurs should be most concerned about.

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