Founder of listed companies to work by bus every day

mobile payment is now just red, whether consumers or businesses are like to use POS to solve the payment problem, science and technology to bring a small impact on people’s lives. The founder of the technology company is not interested in technology products.

Square, a company that helps mobile device users accept credit card payments, at Beijing time on November 19th, officially listed on the nyse. Although the IPO price is only $9 per share, lower than expected, but the stock price soared in early 50%, gave a fillip to the current downturn in the market of science and technology IPO.

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have Jack Dorsey · compared to Jobs, because of his experience with Jobs to agree without prior without previous consultation. Jobs was the founder of apple, after being swept out, started his own computer company, and finally to be back, "please" to lead the company to develop the iMac, iPhone and iPad and a series of revolutionary products, and ultimately create the myth of Silicon Valley for apple.

and Dorsey in 2006, with Evan · Williams (EvanWilliams) and · Stone (BizStone) to start Twitter, and served as CEO, but in 2008 expelled. 7 years later, the madman was invited back in charge of Twitter, he was placed outside the countless expectations, burdened with the responsibility of Twitter will revive morale, the blue bird back to the golden age of the exponential growth of the.

also have Jack Dorsey compared to · · eilon musk; (ElonMusk), because they are continuously founded several star technology companies, and it is recommended

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