Month: July 2017

Summarize the problems of medical websites in popularization

first of all, the promotion of medical websites is important to understand what we should push

I think in medical website promotion, we love the most, a mistake can most easily make is generally first big promotion information such as concrete disease disease causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention and harm take what I do now Beijing No.466 Hospital hair implant center as an example, we can make more detailed understand, if vigorously promote hair, hair, hair and other sequelae, but do not know if you have not found, in fact such information is almost not transformed, you may do so for a long time is in the "public" or "medical science" to make contributions to the cause of. Of course, it does not mean that the word "disease" will not be pushed at all. But remember, do not use too specialized medical terms. Be sure to shift your mind to many more and summarize how the patients will search in general. Finally, learn to analyze and evaluate. read more

Successful webmaster in fact everyone can do

what is success, a lot of people on the definition of success is very fuzzy, Ma is successful, Robin Li is successful, Ding Lei is successful, of course, there are a lot of people are successful, you said that Wu is not successful, I personally think that I was successful, because I gave my self localization has failed high, so webmaster mentality to put level, goals must be clear, it is easy to you to locate their success to.

I was born in Guangxi, Guangxi in all aspects of the economic level is relatively backward, so my own position is not high, because I have a unit, a fixed monthly income, and the income is good, but I did not reach the standard of success, my success is a monthly income of ten thousand. This in Guangxi is good, so my salary did not meet this requirement, I have to go from the network for success (my network is my favorite, is my main source of income), now a month in addition to salary, I also do 8 enterprise website SEO, I can accept 500/ month average enterprise, which is 4000 of the income, on hand also operates several garbage station, by GG advertising revenue was the cost, about 1000/ months, also operates a portal information station, advertising can also receive a 3000 or so, plus my salary every month, suddenly Break 10000, in fact, I think I have succeeded, some friends may say very envious, but all of these are years of time to boil over, and hard can only have experience,. read more

Web site novice question should resign 2

in the previous article we said 3 reasons about the operation of novice resigned, many novice buddy message feeling very big, in fact, the original intention of writing this article is to help the website operation novice friends can have a reference condition when encountered similar problems. After all, some people think the resignation not so light, if there is a clear occupation planning, so deliberate resignation may help you to continue to progress, wages may also be improved, but if just above the subjective discomfort, resigning from idea, can let you go a lot of unnecessary detours. Well, in this article, let’s move on to the topic above. read more

What kind of website has more exuberant vitality

what is more vitality of the web form? I have to say about what is the vitality of the site, at the beginning of the people think "profit model" is the vitality of the site, then we think remember the word meaning extension of profit model is too large, unable to perform. And the flow of the site is often more profitable, because he attracted many people’s attention, attracted the eye, so people began to "flow" as the vitality of the site, the emergence of "eyeball economy."". But the flow is still a big proposition, the flow of many reasons for the promotion, such a word can only be said to be a form of success of the site, he is only a result, but can not be regarded as vitality. read more

The role of brand words in brand building process

brand building is an enterprise must experience the process, so as the enterprise network publicity platform, enterprise website construction early also need to infiltrate the brand concept to the site. Some people may think that the brand building is a corporate job, as a small business, small workshop site, there is no need to write website brand word, because as long as there is a website ranking, click the industry will bring a lot of words.

In fact, this view is wrong and

, we can analyze what kind of keywords, the highest conversion rate? There is no doubt that is the brand, the brand is that search search already has a certain brand awareness; secondly, any search volume is large in the industry, the industry must be the key the most intense competition, the difficulty of optimization is much higher compared to the brand word. Could someone will say, do not deny that the quality of the brand is very high, but a web page title so few words, and join the brand word, than to write some words as target words in industry, natural than brand high price. read more

The sense of achievement that makes a station is the reason that our stationmaster never speaks not

contact do stand a few years, has experienced too many do stand in the process in addition to their own website sour, sweet, bitter, hot, at every stage of development or bring their own happiness or suffering or pain or confusion, and effects of the Internet storm struck from time to time, because the resulting crackdown were implicated in the site is no sign of being closed look at yourself, result of the efforts of all of a sudden the heartache and anger come to nothing, I believe it only really hard to do stand webmaster can understand. However, although experienced so much, in the vicinity of the webmaster constantly choose to withdraw from the case, more webmaster chose to insist on, not to say no, I’m a lot of choice, stick to and stick to a webmaster. It can be said that the station do give us wealth, these experiences have become our valuable experience, in the face of all kinds of crisis have gradually become more calm, more gradually learned how to advance the plan, timely response, timely backup to prevent risks and so on, all of these let us grow continuously in training, enhance the ability to survive, which makes us more rewarding opportunities for success. read more

Measured the effect of the old domain name ginger or old hot

domain name registration time is like 02 years later, people give up, 07 years and it was re registered, the domain name has not done any website, are some speculative domain people buy to sell to. Later, because want to do website security class domain name will be mine, a lot of money to buy it. With the phpcms system, the site has not yet formed, today saw PR, incredibly to 3. One of my two years of domain name PR has not risen so fast, you can see the benefits of the old domain name. There is a more strange phenomenon is that this domain name, Baidu, Google incredibly one page has not included, this time to Google PR phenomenon more confusing, the website details release, we see: read more

Local portal website just started experience and experience

We all know that

is a local portal, where (the province can be, can be, can also be a county) website, as we all know, many Admin5 users have said, do not do the information website, I agree, is mainly to information, can help visitors find the information he needs, such as rent a house through an intermediary to find the fee. Ha-ha。 Making friends, second-hand, etc.. The main thing is to make it easier for publishers to publish, and browsers to find publishers directly. If there is something more entertaining on the website, such as forums, communities, and so on, questions and answers are also good choices. Mainly network publishers, visitors direct communication. We are spectators, ha ha. read more

Design your web pages scientifically

‘s research on Eye-Tracking is very popular in the field of network design, but it is still a difficult problem to change these research results into a specific and feasible design. Here are some tips from Eye-Tracking research that can be used to improve your web site design:

1. contrast images, text more attractive

is contrary to what you think, when browsing a web site, it is not the image that attracts the attention of the user directly. Most of the users who enter your web site by chance click, they are looking for information, not images. Therefore, to ensure that your website design highlights the most important information sector, this is the first principle of design. read more

Local forum localization enhance popularity experience sharing


forum is now very popular, I in the DZ plus Jiangxi forum webmaster have hundreds of people, basically each county has more than three forums, this is just a part of it, because the forum to establish a simple, easy to copy after the forum will be more and more, in fact, it is really a forum mood is how much? It is impossible to estimate the profit. I am an ordinary webmaster, I was in Yichun last year after the first half net to create a forum (Yichun forum also set up after a year I felt study, to enhance the popularity of localization forum have a preliminary idea, like some of the available methods now available to do the webmaster forum together study. read more