Month: September 2017

Venture capital is a long term game win in mindshlf1314 AdSense official offers two tips for publis

1, the choice of target sites, there are several ways to consider

3, also settled choice, advertising is like a door, when the user opens the door, stay is related to the conversion rate, good place can also the users, of course you the quality of products is the key to

so how to grow into the network marketing Wangzhuan circle circle? This definition is very vague, antique understanding is Wangzhuan circle itself value reached a certain scale, the development of the development team, became the company became a network marketing circle, so according to this logic is how to Wangzhuan continuously? That is how to enlarge the only investment enlarged?. read more

dentify the site is down right or a simple method of K station and Solutions

down the right site or site is K, what is the reason?

website is K very easy to be identified is the webmaster, normally, site:xxx贵族宝贝 website contains 0 papers. But the site is right down the situation is different, for example, the snapshot reaction site is relatively slow, included in the site suddenly from 1W down to 100 articles. Or, after the site’s ranking from the previous page top down to ten pages. These are the site is down right.

site is K or web site is down right, is a very big impact for enterprises and users. So, webmaster friends may want to ask, how can I know your website, your website is down right or be search engine K station. In fact, the method is very simple, as a veteran of the website optimization, we have some simple methods to teach you how to quickly identify whether the site search engine drop right even the site was K. Let you in the website operation process, detours, on shortcut, in fact, Shanghai dragon how shortcut? What optimization so difficult? Why so many people want to learn Shanghai dragon, but often adhere to the last person is so small, a home for Shanghai dragon is less little. read more

How to make the website to better attract search engine

second: improve the original website content correlation. Marketing type website should locate a good site keywords at the beginning of the operation, the website to write and website related content in the formal operation of the occasion. The user through the search engine search keywords, and then enter the ranking good website, to get better search engine love website, websites need to improve the site content and the relevance of keywords, website can improve the relevance of the site’s pages by improving the site’s original news content, keywords in the page layout, site chain, keyword anchor text chain etc.. Here to remind you that although in order to improve the relevance of the website, but the site is not to collect the pseudo original, even if the pseudo original content with the relevance of the website, but it had little effect on the website, the content of the collection difficult for search engines, and will affect the site’s user experience, a large collection of Web sites may also the search engine will be K station, the correlation should be improved, but not to cheat. read more

How to operate the Shanghai dragon through marketing thinking

first direction: Shanghai dragon and the auction is complementary to the

third: Although the consumer is invalid traffic flow, although the landing page flow, is double flow, especially in the competitive products especially, a brand clearly introduce others to post, you are using optimization methods in, for you to copy and paste the text, do a lot of peer help the brand of education, then consumers left.

this is the most simple website operation process, start is the promotion, is the end of the transaction, that is to say, no matter what kind of promotion, its purpose is to clinch a deal, not around the promotion of transaction to do, promotion is invalid. read more

The site when the wife accurate traffic creating the day into the 200 dreamEntrepreneurs feel pain

Amoy brand is a false concept in the history of the most famous China electricity supplier, in order to large-scale qingjunruweng, successful halo flow through the tilt policy orchestrated the Amoy brand, attracted a large number of no real business brand but that brand can be established by the seller for the horse cloud traffic belief recharge.

I heard that now the Amoy brand is eager to market, we must vigorously support ah, look not listed may be gone from the data.

dengyanyun women’s taobao this website before, was the president of a taobao a speech in Shanghai, Taobao trading volume in 08 years to break the 100 billion mark miles, she is in force and promote Taobao off Oh, do a MM five years was promoted to vice president of taobao. As can be imagined Taobao’s rise space is great! Later, taobao and cooperation with CCTV, every ear heard, "to shopping, first Taobao, Tao Tao tao……". A few days ago also saw a friend’s taobao shopping online home page to do is flavorfully, so, confidence, can try to, so Ali my signature is changed to "make Ma 3W". Of course, it’s a bit exaggerated. 3W is not easy this month, read more

On the search engine optimization guide you know how much


The current domestic mainstream

website optimization is to do the site to get a good ranking in the search engine, a lot of people know the essence of Shanghai dragon is to write the original, the hair of the chain, but a pass Shanghai dragon personnel must at least familiar with search engine algorithms, and able to cope with various emergencies, for the optimization of a search the engine, the first thing to do is to understand the search engine, understand the search engine to search engine optimization guide for Shanghai dragon er you, how many people know the search engine optimization guide, how many people have seen, good, it will take you to understand the search engine optimization guide read more

Let your love Shanghai Shanghai dragon fearless test series 3

only, is my personal worship link builder. In the initial stage of the domestic Shanghai Dragon technology he joined the industry. 10 years of occupation career experience, he is now the hottest Shanghai Longfeng expert.

then the old Xie also to share some tips in Shanghai love strikes a halo, can let you before without giving up your Shanghai Longfeng strategy, Shanghai dragon and had to ensure safe and sound.

how did he do that? Please look at

his persistence was rewarded in today, he established the link of nature exists in the search engine, and will not be deleted, a stable input weights. He always bring a lot of Shanghai dragon rankings, undoubtedly customers are very happy. The only worth mentioning is that only currently only stop doing business in Shanghai dragon, the high expense. His search is continued hot, if determined, suggest you go to search outside of his pilgrimage. read more

Snap PO suggests that investors are once again in favor of promising start upsnternet entrepreneur

before, the IPO market was depressed in 2016. In 2016, the financing of the technology industry through IPO declined by 60% compared with the previous year, which is undoubtedly a blow to Silicon Valley, which has been negatively affected, not only by investor morale, but also by Private Held Company financing and corporate strategy.


please invest in people and ask yourself, "how many of the domestic entrepreneurial teams are going all the way to the end,

Snap, the first IPO company in the US technology industry this year, has raised $3 billion 400 million through the IPO. Snap is not profitable, and last year it lost $515 million, more than $404 million in revenue. Now, investors are betting on the company co-founder Evan spegel Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy Bobby Murphy vision and vision. The two co founders must continue to climax to attract the company’s millennials, while increasing revenue from each user. read more

The optimization of the site is down right you should how to do

fourth, the appropriate time for active extrapolation. Of course, our website is to expand the extrapolation of exposure, the chain is our way of promotion, as far as possible to high weight platform, this time if we can for the website writing some high quality original text submitted to the webmaster nets, the expansion of the chain transmission range, then, no better, of course, extrapolation in many ways, can be spread through the blog website, classified information, social networking platform, increase website hits, such exposure is increased in the search engine for the site’s performance will be recorded in their capture analysis system, so this time the webmaster must be careful to work hard. read more

Liu Jun you can trust Shanghai dragon but do not over reliance on the Shanghai Dragon

?If Sina In fact,

although I do Shanghai dragon, but if your site is now completely dependent on Shanghai dragon to survive, you completely rely on the project of Shanghai Longfeng profit, your business depends entirely on the Shanghai dragon and get customers, this is undoubtedly to put all the egg in one basket, the basket once knocked over the egg. All broken. Even more dangerous is that Shanghai dragon took the basket or put in the hands of others, the right to decide the fate of not completely in their own hands, the head tied waistband on the feeling of people is not your hope. read more