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Square Enix transforms Final Fantasy XIII into an amazing 16bit story

first_imgIn preparation for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII — the final entry in the FFXIII trilogy — Square Enix has created an awesome video recapping the stories of the two FFXIII games leading up to this final installment. The video retells the key moments from both games, but reimagined as a 16-bit SNES game, in the vein of Final Fantasy IV through VI.The video, seen below, is quite pretty, translating the two games’ modern-day graphics and audio into those of the SNES glory days. Unfortunately, yes, the retrospective tells the story of the Final Fantasy XIII — the worst main Final Fantasy game ever made.It’s a shame Square is putting so much effort into its worst Final Fantasy, and it’s even more of a shame that such a well-made video is yet more effort put into a series that kicked off Square’s slow, grueling decline. However, the video is just so well-done that even characters obnoxiously named Lightning, Snow, Hope, Fang, and Vanille can’t ruin it.AdChoices广告If you for some reason really want to play Lightning Returns but not the first two games in the trilogy, the above recap is a much better way to catch up than sitting through Final Fantasy XIII’s Tube World where, with a rubber band strapped around the controller’s analog stick, you can automate the majority of the game.Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be one of the PlayStation 3’s last big games before the development of big-name titles shifts exclusively to the PS4. Among the other few reasons you’ll still need to keep your PS3 sitting under the television just a little longer, The Last of Us: Left Behind and Persona 5 are also calling the PS3 home.Perhaps after Lightning Returns is over and done with, Square Enix will add that game’s story into the above video so we can enjoy the FFXIII series the only way possible — by not playing it.last_img read more